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Analytics Setup

Once your website is up, there are certain things that you need to get done in order to have the “bones” of the site ready for generating a productive presence online.

Google Analytics

Google’s free website traffic analysis system (Google Analytics) that gives a huge volume of information about your site’s traffic, who comes there, how long they stay, where they go on the site.  Do they perform any “goals” that you/we determine (like use a contact form or a quote form).

In short, if a web visitor does whatever you decide is the goal of your site.

While the service is free, getting your website set up on GA is important, and having someone who’s extremely familiar with it is important to getting started.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google’s suite of tools that give visibility into your site “on the web” in terms of how many pages have been indexed by Google’s bot, has your sitemap been submitted and updated (answer had better be “yes”), are you taking advantage of any of the extra tools like structured data, cards etc?

Also if there are any error they’ll show up here (like missing page errors etc.)

We’re expert at setting up both of these tools.

We can even monitor them on a monthly basis for a subscription fee.

We can explain how it works – just drop us a line.