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What ARE Keywords?

Some key parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When a web user does a search on Google, the words that they have typed into the search box are called “Keywords”.

You have to decide what words you’d like your business to be found for.

When you’ve done that, we help focus your website’s various pages to be found when people type those keywords in Google.

Over time, as you start ranking for those words you begin getting found for them, and it becomes difficult to knock you off the search results.

You an also just market directly TO the people using those keywords by using Google Adwords.

Basically, you pay for having your site show up in people’s searches, even if you don’t naturally rank for them yet.

This way costs some money (and can be very expensive, depending on the popularity of the words you’re trying to rank for).

There are options, and we can discuss them with you to determine what you want to do.

What's the process?

We help you find keywords for your website that are high traffic, and will be effective for helping your website with SEO, pay per click advertising as well as any content marketing that you may be planning.

You can start moving your website up in page ranking, and perhaps gain more traction when you get keyword information that is fresh and current.

Your audience has things that they’re looking for which match what you sell.

You need new ideas for that content which can help them find you more easily.