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Web Development

Professional Web Development

The old days of “having your nephew work on a website for you in their basement” are over.

Any business that’s serious about having some kind of online presence needs professional web development.

In particular, development that’s done from a business-goal point of view.

  • What are your “business goals” for the site?
  • Do you want people to contact you?
  • Do you want people to purchase things online?

Once those basic things are decided on, you can decide between a lead generation site and an e-commerce site. Not all businesses can sell their products online, particularly when it’s a more expensive item.

It’s very rare that a client will use their credit card and just buy a $30,000 service from you. It’s guaranteed that they’ll want to first talk to you, and negotiate.

In those cases you need a site that provides sufficient information about your company, your competencies and your contact info so that they can get in touch.

We know how to help determine those things to get the 20,000 foot view of your site.

From there, you’ll need to touch on:

  • Site design
  • Site content
  • How to start getting found online

We can help with all those things and more. Contact us to find out more.